Is Prepaid Legal and LegalShield the Same Thing?

This website provides an overview of legal plan coverage. The benefits and prices described are not available in all Canadian states and provinces.


is a product of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. (PPLSI).

The use of this website and the services are subject to the PPLSI terms of service and privacy policy. The details on terms, coverage, prices, conditions and exclusions can be found in the Personal Legal Plans or Small Business Legal Plans sections of this website. Neither PPLSI nor its officers, employees, or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation, or advice. Case studies are real experiences of LegalShield members.

Names and identities have been changed to meet attorney-client privilege requirements. For statistics on actual earnings, see the Revenue Disclosure Statement here. When it comes to legal protection, many people think of it as a type of insurance - something you pay for in case something goes wrong and you need it. This is essentially what prepaid legal services are - a way to access legal advice and representation without having to pay for it out of pocket. A person who buys prepaid legal services can use them when they need to talk to a lawyer, get legal advice, or request that legal documents (such as a will) be drafted.

And just like insurance, you pay a little bit each month to cover it, whether you need it or not. Since most people only turn to a lawyer a few times in their lifetime, a prepaid legal services plan could be insurance you can do without. Many people compare prepaid legal services to health insurance with the idea that you are paying for something that will be available if you ever need it. It also causes confusion within the legal industry, because the wide variety of offerings that make up group legal services tend to be grouped as prepaid services.

Legal advice

on an unlimited number of personal legal issues by lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience is provided.

Not only do we simplify the most common legal issues for you, but we also support you when life presents you with a legal problem. Plus, investing in your emergency fund is much better than paying for prepaid legal services that you may never use. Prepaid legal services provide individuals with access to quality legal advice and representation without having to pay for it out of pocket. It's like having an insurance policy for your legal needs - you pay a small fee each month and if something goes wrong and you need it, you have access to quality lawyers who can help you out. And when it comes to prepaid legal services, everyone is protected and has peace of mind knowing they have access to quality lawyers if they ever need them.

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