Unlock the Benefits of MetLife Legal Plans: Get Expert Legal Help Without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking for a way to access expert legal help without breaking the bank? MetLife Legal Plans offers a variety of plan options that provide financial security and peace of mind. With a group legal plan, you can have easy access to the expert legal help you need, from estate planning to traffic issues. MetLife Legal Plans is the only provider that covers in-office visits and telephone counseling for an unlimited number of covered and uncovered personal legal issues, as long as they are not excluded. MetLife's legal plans offer easy access to the legal help you need.

Our work is fundamental to defending justice, and a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is an integral part of the way we do business and serve our customers. We are proud to offer legal coverage that improves the outcomes of a diverse and multigenerational workforce. Legal plans improve the quality of life for employees by alleviating stress, sense of security and financial concerns, while allowing employers to offer competitive benefit packages that attract future talent. MetLife Legal Plans gives you access to expert legal help so you can face life's big moments with confidence. For a competitive monthly cost, MetLife Legal Plans provides the financial security that comes from knowing that an attorney is helping you with your legal problems.

Legal problems arise when you get married, have a baby, buy a house, lose a loved one, or need legal documents drafted. In Stinson, the Court of Appeal sanctioned a lawyer for managing legal fees as “hiring fees” when the only obligation imposed on the lawyer under her fee agreements was nothing more than the ethical obligation imposed on all lawyers when they commit to providing legal services to a client. Yes, MetLife Legal Plans encourages members to use the plan to resolve as many legal issues as possible, even if they are pre-existing issues. In most cases, you will be provided with legal services by the Law Firm of the Legal Services Fund Oversight Panel or the Law Firm of the Fund's Criminal Defense Panel (see “Member Against Aid”) to cover the costs of a variety of legal issues with a legal plan and you will have access to experienced lawyers who will help you with estate planning and more. If you would like to consult an attorney to learn about the legal benefits offered by the Legal Services Fund, call or approach the Fund's administrative offices at 1501 Broadway Suite 450 NY NY 10036, telephone number (21) 777-9000-ext. MetLife Legal Plans offers special offers for appeals handled through prepaid legal services.

With these offers, you can get access to expert legal help without breaking your budget. So don't wait any longer - unlock the benefits of MetLife Legal Plans today!.

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