What Types of Legal Cases Can Be Handled by Prepaid Legal Services?

Enrolling in a prepaid legal services plan gives you access to a network of attorneys who specialize in a variety of practice areas. You can select an attorney from the network either online or over the phone, and your spouse, domestic partner, and dependent children are also covered by the plan. There is no limit to the number of times you can use the services of a network lawyer for covered legal matters during the year. If you need help finding an attorney, the MetLife Legal Plans Customer Service Center is available to assist.

Representatives can provide assistance in locating the right lawyer who is best suited to help you with your legal matter. Network lawyers are available whenever you need advice on any personal legal matter or representation on a range of legal services covered by your plan. The types of cases that can be handled by prepaid legal services vary depending on the plan you have chosen. Generally, these plans cover a wide range of legal matters, including family law, estate planning, real estate transactions, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and more.

Some plans may also provide access to attorneys who specialize in specific areas such as immigration law or tax law. When selecting a prepaid legal services plan, it is important to read the fine print and understand what types of cases are covered. Some plans may only cover certain types of cases or may have limits on the number of hours an attorney can work on your case. It is also important to understand any additional fees that may be charged for certain types of cases.

Prepaid legal services can be a great way to get access to quality legal advice and representation without having to pay expensive hourly rates. With a prepaid legal services plan, you can rest assured that you will have access to experienced attorneys who are familiar with your particular legal needs.

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