The Advantages of Prepaid Legal Services

LegalShield memberships provide a range of advantages that enable you to save money on legal representation in court. Increasingly, people are turning to legal insurance plans because they offer more comprehensive coverage and services than other alternatives. These plans are regulated by the industry, meaning they must meet certain standards of service, ethics, and responsibility. MetLife Legal Plans is the only provider that offers unlimited in-office visits and telephone counseling for both covered and uncovered personal legal matters, as long as they are not excluded.

Legal issues can arise when you get married, have a baby, buy a house, lose a loved one, or need legal documents drafted. With a group legal plan, you can easily access the expert legal help you need for any of these situations. It is important to note that referring to legal insurance as "prepaid" is misleading, as it implies that it is similar to health insurance. To learn more about the terms, coverage, prices, conditions, and exclusions of MetLife Legal Plans, please visit the Personal Legal Plans or Small Business Legal Plans sections of this website.

The term "prepaid legal services" can also cause confusion within the legal industry, since it is used to refer to the wide variety of offerings that make up group legal services. MetLife Legal Plans gives you access to expert legal help so you can face life's big moments with confidence. A personal LegalShield plan allows you and your family to access an unlimited number of legal matters for a fraction of the traditional hourly rates of law firms. MetLife Legal Plans offers a variety of plan options, including customized plans for employers with more than 3,000 employees who qualify for benefits.

Legal services plans provide access to a network of lawyers for a low monthly fee. Through the plan, you, your spouse, and your legally dependent children can get covered legal services for the same price. MetLife Legal Plans encourages members to use the plan to resolve as many legal issues as possible, even if they are pre-existing issues. Whether you have planned legal expenses or want to be prepared for unexpected events, MetLife Legal Plans is available to meet your needs.

You can access a legal consultation after business hours for covered legal emergencies such as an arrest or detention, if you are seriously injured, or if you are notified of a court order. With a legal plan, you can help cover the costs of various legal issues and access experienced lawyers for estate planning and more.

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