Legal Shield: A Comprehensive Guide to the Company's History and Services

Legal Shield is an online legal service that provides affordable legal coverage for small businesses and individuals. Founded in 1972 under the name Sportsman's Motor Club, it has been providing legal service plans to families in North America for more than four decades. The company offers an overview of legal plan coverage, with benefits and prices varying by Canadian state and province. The services are subject to the PPLSI terms of service and privacy policy, with specific details on terms, coverage, prices, conditions, and exclusions in the Personal Legal Plans or Small Business Legal Plans sections of the website.

Neither PPLSI nor its officers, employees, or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice. Case studies are real experiences of LegalShield members, though names and identities have been changed to meet attorney-client privilege requirements. LegalShield plans give clients peace of mind, with access to legal advice and consultation from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number. Other benefits include access to legal consultation after business hours for covered legal emergencies, such as an arrest or detention, if you are seriously injured, or if you are notified of a court order. Clients can also ask legal questions or access legal forms through the LegalShield app. The company has a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure, with returns potentially devastating for PrePaid Legal's membership base.

The legal plans offered to clients are very similar to those of recent history (post-retention company), with some minor changes. Part of the reason for the sale by StoneCipher could be the negative trend in legal prepaid memberships. Legal services plans offer a variety of legal services from a network of lawyers for a low monthly fee. This includes legal advice on an unlimited number of personal legal issues by lawyers with an average of 22 years of experience. The company also pays its members an “advance commission” for a 12-month subscription. In conclusion, Legal Shield is a reliable online legal service that offers affordable coverage for small businesses and individuals.

It has been providing quality services for more than 40 years and offers a variety of benefits such as access to qualified lawyers, unlimited legal advice, and an “advance commission” for a 12-month subscription.

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