Is there an alternative to legalshield?

Data Alliance, adsquare Data Alliance, Lotame and Oracle Datalogix are the main competitors and alternatives to LegalShield. If you have a simple legal question, Avvo is the best place to get free advice from licensed lawyers. There's nothing more frustrating than paying for an attorney's time only to discover that they can't help you. If you're facing a legal problem and just need guidance, try Avvo, an online directory of lawyers that also acts as the best place to get free legal advice on the Internet.

According to Avvo, someone gets advice every five seconds on the platform's Q&A dashboard, usually in 12 hours or less. To submit a question through Avvo, all you need to do is complete an online form with your question, the relevant details, and your city and state. In a few hours, at least one lawyer in your area should respond. Avvo encourages follow-up questions as needed, which remain free as long as the lawyer is willing and able to answer them.

Since Avvo's Q&A forum is public, you'll have to keep in mind that all the information you post will be available for anyone to see. However, this means that you can search for questions asked by other people as an additional source of information. You should also keep an eye out for the lists of sponsored lawyers. While many platforms offer services comparable to LegalZoom, the company really shines in customer service.

Telephone support representatives are available 14 hours a day during the week and nine hours a day on weekends. If you're not satisfied with the final product, contact customer service within 60 days for a full refund. Most documents are delivered by digital download from LegalZoom, although some can only be sent by mail. If you need help filing a document with the appropriate legal authority, this service is available, but it comes at an additional cost.

The FindLaw directory includes hundreds of lawyers in 119 practice areas, making it one of the best places to find an attorney online. Every legal matter requires a different type of lawyer and the best place to find them all is FindLaw. The online directory lists hundreds of U.S. UU.

Lawyers in 119 specific areas of law, making it easier to find the most qualified professional for your case. To get started with FindLaw, simply enter your legal problem and geographic location and you'll be presented with a list of qualified lawyers. If you prefer to talk to someone who offers free consultations, FindLaw offers this option as a search filter. You can also narrow the results by language if the person who needs representation doesn't speak English as their primary language.

In addition to its lawyer directory, FindLaw also has a free online library of legal resources. You'll find a state-by-state encyclopedia that explains important laws in simple terms for those who don't have a law degree. FindLaw's guides on processes such as forming an LLC and filing for bankruptcy can help you decide if you need to hire an attorney. Most online legal services are fairly standardized, but the on-call lawyers at Rocket Lawyer are the best choice for complex matters.

If standard online services haven't met your legal needs, Rocket Lawyer is the next step. The company offers a wide range of solutions to individual and commercial customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Brazil and the Netherlands. Starting a business? Get the best legal support from Incfile, starting with a free LLC filing. From choosing a type of legal entity to complying with regulations, Incfile is the best online legal service to guide start-ups at every stage of growth.

Since 2004, the company has helped more than half a million small businesses start and continue to operate smoothly. Once you've started your business, Incfile continues to provide value by guiding you through annual compliance requirements and other necessary procedures. Gold members can take advantage of a business bank account, bank resolution and tax advice services; Platinum members also receive contract templates, an expedited submission, and a domain name and a business email with their fees. The main disadvantage of Incfile is its customer service.

Telephone support hours are limited to weekdays between 9 to. m. CST and customers have complained about slow response times in the past. However, Incfile recently addressed these complaints publicly by doubling the size of its customer service team and adding live chat support.

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