Is legalzoom the same as legalshield?

LegalZoom offers a wide range of legal services that you pay for on an individual basis, while LegalShield primarily sells prepaid legal plans for individuals and small businesses. LegalZoom does not offer human resources services, while LegalShield can provide human resources services to companies that are included in their legal plans. After a thorough evaluation, we have determined that LegalZoom offers the best value and the broadest range of services. Although LegalZoom is a little more expensive, we think you get what you pay for and it's one of the best in the industry.

LegalShield offers a robust benefits package for members, including business consulting and human resources services. LegalZoom customers don't have access to a similar package. The main difference is that LegalZoom offers a lower rate if you need legal advice services for a long time (more than 6 or 12 months, depending on your prepaid package).

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