Are legal fees included in acquisition cost?

The acquisition cost refers to an amount paid for fixed assets, for expenses related to the acquisition of a new customer, or for the acquisition of a competitor. It is useful for identifying the total cost of fixed assets because it includes items such as legal fees and fees and eliminates discounts and closing costs. However, if an agreement described in paragraph (c) () of this subsection explicitly sets out the amount of legal fees incurred otherwise permitted and limits the permitted recovery to 80 percent or less of the established legal fees, no additional limitation needs to be applied. The competent contracting officer shall determine the amount of reimbursement allowed for legal costs in connection with any procedure described in paragraph (c) () (of this subsection), but shall not exceed 80 percent of the legal costs incurred otherwise permitted.

Representation or assistance to individuals, groups or legal entities that the contractor is not legally obliged to provide, as a result of an action in which the participant was convicted of violating a law or regulation or was found responsible in a civil or administrative proceeding. For example, if the asset in question requires legal assistance to complete the transaction, legal and regulatory fees are also included.

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