Is Prepaid Legal the Same as Legal Shield? An Expert's Perspective

LegalShield (formerly known as Prepaid Legal Services) is an American company that provides consumers with access to affordable legal services through employer groups and multi-level marketing in both the United States and Canada. This website provides an overview of their legal plan coverage which includes features such as unlimited access to legal advice for a fraction of traditional hourly rates; access to a resource center; access to a legal dictionary; access to consultations after business hours for covered emergencies; and an “advance commission” for 12-month subscriptions. The use of this website and its services are subject to PPLSI's terms of service and privacy policy which can be found on their website along with details on terms, coverage, prices, conditions, exclusions, case studies, revenue disclosure statements, and more. Neither PPLSI nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide any form of legal services representation or advice. Prepaid legal services can be thought of almost like insurance - you buy them in case something goes wrong so that you have access to them when needed.

This could include talking to a lawyer; getting legal advice; requesting documents such as wills; or having access to consultations after business hours for covered emergencies such as arrests or serious injuries. The sale by StoneCipher could be due to a negative trend in prepaid memberships but US Legal Services has managed to retain customers over time due to their interesting features such as their resource center and dictionary. Overall, prepaid legal services are very similar between Prepaid Legal Services (now known as Legal Shield) with only minor changes from recent history when retention firms did not yet exist in Prepaid Legal. Therefore it is safe to trust reviews from Prepaid Legal Services when looking into Legal Shield services.

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