What Types of Legal Appeals Can Be Handled by Prepaid Legal Services?

When you sign up for a prepaid legal services plan, you can access a network of attorneys in the specialized practice area you need. Your spouse and dependent children are also included in the plan, and there is no limit to the number of times you can use the services of a network lawyer for covered legal matters. If you need help finding an attorney, the MetLife Legal Plans Customer Service Center can provide assistance. Group legal services insurance plans are voluntary plans paid by employees that provide comprehensive legal coverage.

They also offer a toll-free number (86 762-0972) that provides access to a telephone network lawyer for legal advice on most personal legal matters. Representatives from the MetLife Legal Plans Customer Service Center can help you find the right lawyer who is best suited to help with your legal matter. The provisions of sections 38a-230 through 38a-245 do not apply to any group legal services plan, corporation, trust fund established under Section 302 of the Administrative Labor Relations Act of 1947 or agreement whereby a group or association of any kind hires lawyers full time or hires a lawyer or private law firm to provide legal services to members of that group or association, or to dependents or beneficiaries of such trust or funds. Network lawyers are available whenever you need advice on any personal legal matter or representation on a range of legal services covered by your plan. Non-profit legal services corporations, as defined in section 38a-230, are not allowed to invest their funds in any value other than that allowed by the general trust fund statutes, except that no funds of such legal services corporation will be invested in real estate mortgages.

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